Realtek HD connect headphones with microphone

There are three main ways to connect a combined headset, depending on its type:

Separate 3.5 mm headphone and microphone jacks. Located on a computer nearby. Used on older devices with two plugs. In this case, connect the microphone to the pink connector, and headphones to the green.

The universal 3.5 mm jack, which simultaneously serves to connect a headset with a built-in microphone, is used on modern headsets.

It features a longer plug. The connector contains four contact areas, and the socket is marked as in the picture.

Important! When connected to a headset jack with separate connectors (as in the first case), it can work either in microphone mode or in headphone mode. It depends on which connector you will use.

Headsets with a USB connector. Plug into a regular USB socket. After connecting for the first time, the necessary drivers are often automatically automatically installed if you have the latest version of Realtek HD Audio installed.

If the headset does not work after connecting, update the driver and check if your microphone is turned on. We described these procedures in the following blocks of Questions and Answers.

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