Download Realtek HD Audio Drivers 2.82

Realtek High Definition Audio Drivers

Realtek High Definition Audio Drivers – a full-fledged, qualitative package of drivers which will allow reproduces practically any audiofiles practically on all operating systems.


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Download Realtek High Definition Audio Drivers 2.82 torrent (0.1 MB)


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    1. not for audio manager unfortunately. about time windows ditches realtek. i only like it for an equalizer. why they remove/hide it i realy dont know!

  2. I updated realtek hd audio driver to v2.82. but now i can’t mix separately front panel and rear panel. I have sound in both.

    Realtek hd audio manager doesn’t work !!

    I correctly uninstalled old drivers and cleaned folders and registry without succes.
    I tried lauch application by explorer but it doesn’t work either
    In audio device panel , i lost front device, and don’t know how to get it back

    Thanks for your help

    1. After installing v2.82 the audio manager was failing to load. Going back to v2.81 resolved the issue. Realtek should look into this.

  3. This site is clown shoes. Two 2.82 ‘driver only’ files where one is twice the size of the other. You have no idea what you are actually downloading.

  4. This installer don’t work for Gigabyte: all is installed buth audio-manager isn’t accessable.
    I posted a link from Microsoft buth they deleted (realtek) this link.
    For Gigabyte users this will NOT work, you have to look on Windows update drivers site or on Gigabyte site.

  5. @almamun: I installed the 2.82 file. I had version 2.81. Version 2.81 had the audio manager. Version 2.82 DID NOT HAVE the audio manager. Could not find it on my computer, it had erased it. I had to do an Image restore for 2.81 and the audio manager to be back!

  6. Really slow downloads? WTH?
    It is telling me that it will take hours to download? I reset my HP laptop and then no audio no it?
    Then have been trying to get it fixed now for three weeks? Hate HP Junk!

  7. i need to buy a sound card for a windows xp
    realtek pci e fe family network adapter controller please
    pc1 e1slot pc1-1 connecter on the mother board

  8. After purchase of this unit, delivery was prompt, but I could not figure out how to connect it to my tv (off brand). I emailed seller and got quick response asking type of tv. After they got this info, they emailed back the directions and within minutes I had wonderful sound (I am hearing impaired). This is the first sound system that has been able to meet my hearing needs and easy to adjust. Thanks Annie, for all your help.

  9. For all people asking about the Audio Control Panel in Windows 10, Realtek has officially removed any THIRD-PARTY related software from its latest drivers, meaning you won’t see the control panel if you install the latest driver (2.82). If you need and/or want the CP, you must install the v2.81 driver.

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  11. sir i am cannot drive music on my computer the audio sevices is properly closed. pls help
    the software i was download on realtak was not working propering at my computer.
    pls help

  12. This crap doesn’t install the audio manager. waste of time. Uninstall and reinstall 2.81 to get everything back. If you update the driver in Device Manager to 2.82 the audio manager will disappear

  13. Yeah, don’t download this piece of crap. Go to the website of the company that made your computer (toshiba, HP, Dell{ugh! they STINK}, whoever) they’ll have the correct driver for your computer, not this “one-size fits all” driver. Read the other comments, people have lots of problems with this driver package. Oh, and DON’T go to Softronic. they don’t HAVE Realtek 64-bit drivers, they’ll tell you they do and then (if you can find the real link) you’ll slooooooooooooowly download a huge installer program of 32-bit drivers that doesn’t have the what you need.

  14. When will Realtec make a driver that works correctly with Windows 10. They are supposed to be the leader in this area. What’s going on Reatec ?????

  15. It doesn’t work for 100 percent. Some youtube movies have no sound and lots of games don’t have voice dialogue, unfortunately.

  16. Dank dem neuen Sicherheitsupdate von Windows sind alle Funktionen weg

    after the new windows security update all functions are gone it does not work yet

  17. Hi,
    why is that download soooooooooooooo slooooooooooooooooooow??!?
    After waiting for half an hour, i’ll hope it works.
    Why does audio-Driver shut down after the last Win-10-Update??
    What the f………!!

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