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realtek-ac97-audioRealtek ac97 – is a free package of drivers by means of which we can hear a sound on our PC. On this page you can realtek ac97 audio driver download for free and without registration. Everything that is required to you, so it to click on the link to download Realtek AC97 Audio A4.06 for Xp or downloadRealtek AC97 Vista Driver 6305 and everything the package of drivers will appear at you on the computer.

Below presented are three links to download AC’97. Carefully select your operating system to download the driver to your health!

Download Realtek AC97 Sound Driver 6305 (Vista / 7) (29.68 MB)
Download Realtek AC97 Sound Driver A4.06 (98/2000/XP) (17.87 MB)
Download Realtek AC97 Sound Driver (NT) (8.87 MB)
Download Torrent
Realtek AC97 Sound Driver torrent download (133 MB)


  1. Never fails, Windows “security” stops due to “unsigned driver”, and nothing tried off the Internet of ideas helped. Hate it when another program decides audio needs a update – messed everything up and now can’t get AC97 installed again.

  2. I get the impression that customer service from Realtek is not very good.

    I am trying to copy a 33 rpm record to two computers using Realtek software. I was able to do this successfully several years ago with older Windows computers.

    I downloaded Realtek AC 97 on 7/23/2019 to my compaq desktop using Win XP. I tried to record the contents of my records to that machine through the mic jack input. No success. Nothing on the record amplitude meter, nothing on the headset output jack. No indication of success.

    I downloaded Realtek High Defination HIgh Audio on 7/23/2019 to another compaq desktop using WIN 7. I tried to record the contents of the same record and another record. No success.

    I played the same records though my stereo amplifier to the loudspeakers. Total Success!

    So I know the needle, cartridge, etc on the turntable are good.

    I read the comments from some other customers and found the usual response from the “Technical Experts?” was to ensure the latest copy the Realtek software was installed.

    I remember reading a list of comment from other customers. In a list of about 55 comments, nearly every one of them reported no success with the response from Realtek Customer Service.

    I would appreciate any help any one can give me.

    One more clue. When I plug the RCA plugs to mic jack adapter into my WIN 7 machine, I get a message on my desktop telling me there is a new connection installed.

    Thank you for any help you can provide.


  3. one of the best available download easy and compatible god bless u all in your endeavour

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