[10.08.2021] Realtek PCIe GBE & FE Family Controller Updated

Especially for our users, we have updated the drivers for Realtek network cards from official sources. All drivers can be downloaded directly from the link. By downloading and updating drivers to the latest version, you guarantee the stable operation of your network hardware.

In addition, the Realtek network driver for Windows 11 was added. Now a stable automatic installer is available to all users.

What was updated?

For PCIe GBE / FE and USB version a driver for Win11 has been added!

In the PCIe GBE / FE version, the following drivers have been updated:

  • PCIe GBE 7.141 has been updated (Windows 7)
  • PCIe GBE 8087 has been updated (Windows 8 / 8.1 / Server 2012)
  • PCIe GBE 10.050 Windows 10 updated

Others updated drivers:

  • LINUX driver 9.005.06 r8125 has been updated to v.9.006.04
  • LINUX driver V.1.035.00 r8101 has been updated to V.1.036.00

You can find and download the updated drivers from these links:

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