Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller

Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller – the driver for gigabit network controllers on the basis of chips from a company Realtek. These network comptrollers are often built-in in system boards.


This package of drivers of Realtek befits both for a 32-bit and for 64-bit operating systems.

In the downloaded archive contains the driver for the Realtek network card on chip RTL8111B / RTL8168B / RTL8111 / RTL8168 / RTL8111C / RTL8111CP / RTL8111D (L) / RTL8168C / RTL8111DP / RTL8111E / RTL8168E / RTL8111F / RTL8411/ RTL8111G / RTL8111GUS / RTL8411B(N)RTL8118AS

If you need a driver for the PCI network card, chip RTL8139 or RTL810x, then we advise to download Realtek PCI Fast Ethernet Drivers.

Download drivers (Upd: 04.24.2017):

Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller LAN Driver 7105_04252017 for Windows 7 (9.37 MB)

Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Win10 Auto Installation Program LAN Driver 10014_04242017 for Windows 10 (9.32 MB)

Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller LAN Driver 10613_01222016 for Vista and Server 2008 (5.82 MB)

Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller LAN Driver 8051_04242017 for Win8, Win8.1 and Server 2012 (10 MB)

Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller LAN Driver 5832_02262015 for WinXP and Server 2003 (5.71 MB)

RTL8111DP/EP DASH All-In-One installation kit for Win7/Win8/Win8.1 V.1.12.0034 (18 MB)

RTL8111DP/EP DASH console tool for Win7/Win8/Win8.1 V.5.9.480 (23 Mb)

Windows Diagnostic Program for Win 7/8/8.1 (10 Mb)

Windows Diagnostic Program for Win 10 Only (5.6 Mb)

Unix (Linux) (Upd: 05.01.2017):

LINUX driver for kernel up to 4.7 v8.0.43 (93 Kb)

FreeBSD 7.x and 8.0 1.92 (93 Kb)

DOS (Upd: 05.01.2017):

UEFI UNDI Driver 2.038 2016/12/12 (120 Kb)


  1. Hello. I have a question. I tried to install latest PCIe GBE family controller drivers. On the site it says Upd: 02.24.2017, so the latest drivers should be from 2017 but when i install them- in my device manager it says that my PCIe GBE Family controller drivers are from 2016-12-23. Are the latest drivers from 2016 or i installed something wrongly?

    1. Hello. I have same problem. My Driver Booster shows weekly that my Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller have new 2017 version but after the update the system shows I still have the old version (2016-12-23).
      Can someone helps what is the problem?

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  3. After the latest update, my 8168 keeps disconnecting. Both wireless and wired LAN go in disabled state, lights out at the port, disabled in the network overview. Takes around 10 seconds before it re-enables.
    I tried to revert to the previous driver, but the issue remained, even though I didn’t have issues before the update. Please fix asap, as online gaming is impossible now.

    date: 23-1-2017

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